Ragtime Australian Shepherds
Established in1972.
Statement regarding miniature/North American and toy Australian
Shepherds - crossbred designer dogs bred soley for profit.
Recently there has been a rise in the movement to breed miniature and toy
"versions" of the Australian Shepherd
The miniature Australian Shepherd and the toy Australian Shepherd are not
recognized OR considered varieties of the
Australian Shepherd by the following organizations.
- The American Kennel Club
- The United Kennel Club
- The Australian Shepherd Club of America
- The Canadian Kennel Club
- United States Australian Shepherd Assn.

Since these dogs are not AKC, UKC, ASCA or CKC they cannot be verified  as
purebred, and therefore are not considered
Australian Shepherds.

Ragtime Australian Shepherds does not support the purposeful breeding of
miniature Australian Shepherds, North American Shepherds or toy Australian
Shepherds. We also feel that breeding away from the standard for a deminutive
dog  and misrepresenting themselves to the
public for profit is inexcusable .
2013 ASCA National Specialty - 1st Place Generations Class

Left/Father - "Bodie" ASCA HOF Sire, ASCA & AKC GRCH.
Hearthside Nothin To Lose CGC, AKC CD, RN, DNAvp
Bred by: Betsy Atkinson/Hearthside Owned by: Nancy Brooke

Center/Son - "Vince" ASCA & AKC GRCH.Ragtime Surefire Entourage! DNAvp
Bred and owned by: Ragtime

Right/Grand daughter - "Tenacity" ASCA CH.Stoneridge Joie De Virve
Winner Bitch & Best of Winners 2012 ASCA National Specialty & Pre-show
Bred by; Cherrie & Jennifer Cannon co-owned by: Stephanie Borget-Mogenhan

Thank you Breeder Judge Celeste Telles for this win
and to all involved for your commitment to producing & nurturing great dogs
Welcome to Ragtime Australian Shepherds ..
Located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest Molalla, Oregon. Site Updated April 27th, 2014 Enjoy....
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consent of the website owner and the photographers 2014.  Thank you for this respect..
2013 was a year of many accomplishments and new titles
Congratulations & Thank you to the owners and co-owners of the below mentioned dogs. You all ROCK!

New ASCA CH.Ragtimes Whole Lotta Love "Chloe" Co-owned w/ Amanda Meier - Infiniti Aussies     

New ASCA CH.Sailen Acres Affinity For Dovetail "Aascher"
Bred by: Wendy Summers/Adobe & the cartmells/ Sailen Acres  Owned by: Patricia Rogers/ Dovetail & Ragtime

New ASCA & AKC CH.Infiniti Ragtime Prim N Proper "Izzy"
Co-bred and Co-owned by: Ragtime & Amanda Meier/ Infiniti also co-owned by: Megan Hof

New AKC CH.Sailen Acres Ragtime Spatter "Dex"
Bred by: Wendy Summers/ Adobe & The Cartmells/ Sailen Acres Owned by: Jessica Montenez & Ragtime

New ASCA CH.Ragtimes Come On Eileen! "Eileen-ween"
Bred by: Ragtime & Myste Havens/ Drogheda Owned By: Ragtime

New ASCA CH.Ragtimes Fresh Squezzed! "Zest" Owned By Ragtime Presented by: Mandy Kreutzkam

New ASCA CH.Ragtimes Ticket To Ride "Oliver" Owned & Presented by: Jade Hooper

AKC CH & New ASCA CH.Marabils Inferno @ Ashfall "Beck"
Bred by: Laura Abbott/ Marabil & Elise HAll/ Ashfall Owned by: Ragtime

New ASCA CH. Ragtimes Red Hot Surfrider "Chili"
Bred & Owned By: Ragtime & Vicki Ryke /Surfrider

New ASCA CH.Ragtimes Steady As She Goes "Meg"
Bred & Owned By: Ragtime & Myste Havens/ Drogheda

(More photos to come since I am finally able to update my website :)