Ragtime Australian Shepherds
Established in1972
Ragtime Hollywood Double Play
(ASCA & AKC Grand Ch.Hearthside Nothin To Lose CGC DNAvp X AKC Ch.Adobes Top Shelf DNAvp)
Bred By: S.J. Fuls/ Ragtime, Wendy Summers/Adobe & Sue Scott Owned By: Nancy Brooke & S. J. Fuls/ Ragtime
Blue Merle w/ copper & white, Male, DOB 05/25/2010, OFAs too young, Eyes cleared w/ no notations 9/2011 Kice,
Full Dentition & scissors bite, HSF4 clear by parentage
ASCA & AKC Ch.Ragtime Thornapple Still In Style DNAvp
(ASCA Ch.Ragtime In Prim Styles Honor DNAcp X AKC Ch.Thornapple Bedazzled DNAvp)
Bred By:Ragtime & Thornapple, Owned By: Ragtime & Amanda Kuck-Meier/ Infiniti Aussies (Montana)
Red Tri , Male, DOB 03/25/2004, OFA Hips Excellent, OFA Elbows Normal, Eyes cleared w/ no notations 09/2011 kice,
Full dentition & scissors bite, HSF4 N/N
Ragtimes Viva La Bam!
(ASCA & AKC Grand Ch.Hearthside Nothin To Lose CGC DNAvp X Surfrider Kasin'A Splash @ Ragtime DNAvp)
Bred By: S.J. Fuls- Ragtime & Vicki Ryke - Surfrider Owned by: Ragtime/Wendy Summers - Adobe & JenniferCartmell - Sailen Acres
Black tri , male, DOB 01/10/2011,  full dentition & scissors bite,  Eyes clear w/ no notations  03/2011, OFAs - too young
(ASCA/Lux, Eur Ch.Melodys HArd To Concentrate DNAvp X ASCA & AKC Ch.Melodys Macy Parade )
Black Tri , Male, DOB 11/12/2009, OFA Hips Good, OFA Elbows Normal,  Eyes  cleared w/ no notations 2/8/2012 Schirlie,
Full Dentition & scissors bite, HSF4 N/N, MDR1 Mutant/Normal, AKC DNA profiled
- Standing at stud to a limited number of outside bitches in  2012 -
Please direct all inquiries to: S. Jewel Fuls / Ragtime (503)729-1724

ASCA & AKC Grand Ch.Melodys Night Moves At Baywind DNAvp
Owned By: Wendy Waggoner/ Baywind Aussies
Marabil Inferno @ Ashfall
(BISS AKC & ASCA Ch.Ragtimes Where It;s At! DNAvp X ASCA Ch.Marabils Black Lava DNAvp)
Bred By: Laura Abbott/ Marabil & Elise Hall/ Ashfall Owned By: S.J. Fuls / Ragtime & breeders
Black tri, Male, OFA Cardiac Normal, OFA Hips & Elbows pending, Eyes cleared 9/2011 w/ no notations Kice, missing 2 lower P3's w/
Scissors bite, HSF4 Cleared by parentage
(ASCA & AKC DNA pending, MDR1 pending)
(14 points AKC & 9 points ASCA)
ASCA & AKC Ch.Hearthside Nothin To Lose CGC DNAcp
-2011 ASCA National Specialty Stud dog class & Premier winner, 2011 National Pre-show Premier winner, 2011Westminster Kennel Club - Best Of Opposite Sex
Winner,- 2010 ASCA Conformation Finals Winner-, 2010 ASC Of Washington National Pre-Show Best Of Opposite Sex, 2009-2010 #1 ASCA Intact Conformation Dog,
Bred By: Betsy Atkinson - Hearthside, Owned By: Nancy Brooke & Family, Presented By: S. Jewel Fuls/Ragtime
Red factored Black tri, male, OFA Hips Excellent, OFA Elbows normal, CERF annually w/ no notations 6/2011, MDR1 n/n, HSF4 N/N,Full dentition & Scissors bite.
- Offspring ASCA & AKC Ch.Ragtime Surefire Entourage! DNAvp "Vince", ASCA & AKC  Ch.Goldcrest Laffy Taffy RN "Lexi", ASCA Ch.Xanadu Goldcrest Pop Rocks
"Pops", ASCA Ch.Xanadus Good For Nothin "Slacker", ASCA Ch.Dancin Eyes Take The Cake "Cake", ASCA Ch.Ponderosa Neah Bay Dancin Eyes "Neah", ASCA
Ch.Pondersoa Chesapeake Dancin Eyes "Chessy", ASCA Ch.Ponderosa Hudson Bay Dancin Eyes "Hudson", Ragtime Little Black Dress "Sloan"
Ragtime Hollywood Double Play "Kemper" (Major Pointed), Ragtime Light Up The Stage "Bling", Ragtime Drama At The Premier "Drama" (Major Pointed), Ragtimes Saucy
Little Number "Brava" (Major Pointed), Ragtimes Red Hot Surfrider "Chili" (Major Pointed), Stoneridge Sexy Perfected "Tateum" (Major Pointed) 2011 USASA National
Specialty Futurity Winner, ASCA Ch.Stoneridge Impossible Is Nothing "Mia"
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Multiple group winning & placing, BISS ASCA  AKC Ch.Ragtimes Where It's At! DNAvp

Bred by:Ragtime & Thornapple Owned by: S.J. Fuls/ ragtime Co-Owned & resides with Megan Hof/ Allterrain Aussies
- Stats
Red Factored Blue Merle w/ copper & white, male, OFA Hips Good, OFA Elbows Normal, Eyes cleared annually w/ no notations 1/2012,
MDR1 Normal/Normal, HSF4 N/N, Full dentition & scissors bite.
- Offspring
ACSA Ch.Diamond Hill Sea Gem HT "Captain", ASCA Ch.Diamond Hill Jewel Of The Nite "Comet", Diamond Hill I Got Jaded CD
Blue Isle Cabaret At Bayshore "Bette", Diamond Hill Fancy Cut HT RN "Reba"  (Mjr ptd), Blue Isle Friendly Persuasion "Tinker" (Mjr ptd)
Diamond Hill's Kashmir Sapphire RN "Bailey" (Mjr ptd), Ragtime High Country Stuck Onya! "Onya"(Mjr ptd)
Group Placing - Marabil Inferno @ Ashfall "Beck" (Mjr ptd), Marabil's Exuberence @ Ashfall "Mia" Major pointed (Mjr ptd)
Watch for "Sways" kids competing in all venues...
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- Standing at stud to approved outside bitches in 2012
Sirius Firestarter (Altered)
"PYRO" - Resident
AKC & ASCA Ch. Ragtime Surefire Entourage DNAvp
2010 ASCA National Specialty Best Of Opposite Sex , 2011 ASCA National Specialty Premier  & National Pre-show premier winner
Bred  & Owned by: S.J. Fuls/ Ragtime Co-bred by: S. Bell   
Red Factored Blue merle w/ copper & white, male, OFA Hips Good, OFA Elbows Normal, Full Dentition & Scissors bite,
Eyes cleared annually w/ no notations
07/08/2013, HSF4 N/N, MDR1 Mutant/Normal
- Offspring from Vinces first 3 litters
Bright Eyes Girls Night Out "Partee", Ragtime It Might Get Loud! "Twitter", Ragtime Voodoo Child "Jimmi" (Mjr ptd)
ASCA CH.Ragtime Whole Lotta Love "Chloe", ASCA CH. Stoneridge Red Hot Royal "Andre"
ASCA CH.Stoneridge Joie de Vivre "Tenacity", ASCA CH. Ragtimes  Ticket To Ride "Oliver"
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- Standing at stud to approved outside bitches -
- Frozen semen available via ICSB main office Oregon -
-"Vince" is on holiday in Germany at Nobility Australian Shepherds from February 2014 to November 2014